Product Name: “HRAP”

Executive Summary:

iTrending Solutions is an IT firm providing tailored solutions for various IT needs, we specialize in Application development, Product Management and IT Consulting services. We have a workforce of high skilled processionals  who are supporting our clients and partners across a wide range of industry domains which include HealthCare, Telecom, Retail, Manufacturing, Energy & Utilities and Banking & Finance.

iTrending Solutions is currently focused on designing and building a Comprehensive ERP platform to support and provide all basic and advance functionalities which a highly configured HR Administrative and an Accounting Application could provide. This will  significantly cut down cost, downsize work force and administrative overheads for small and large organizations.

Problem Statement:

Starting a small business and making it a successful organization is an achievement for many entrepreneurs, but maintaining one is a challenge in itself. New entrepreneurs are usually not well equipped for facing these challenges coming their way. Based on market analyses and first-hand experiences the primary areas where majority of entrepreneurs gets overwhelmed are Administration and Accounting.

Accounting becomes even more imperative when you have multiple vendors and high volume of customers. The complexity of a business’ books go up with each client and employee, so getting an assist on the book keeping can prevent it from becoming a reason not to expand.

Targeted Audience:

HRAP is designed to support all small and large organization needs across wide range of Industries supporting multiple domains.


‘HRAP’ (Human Resources, Accounting and Payroll) is a Comprehensive Web-based application that provides all and advance capabilities that three separate applications would provide. ‘HRAP’ is built on best practices and configurable workflows to accommodate all three modules which would provide a complete End to End package under one roof. ‘HRAP’ is currently being built by iTrending Solutions LLC, due to the added complexity and design challenges ‘HRAP’ is schedule to be rolled out in multiple phases.

‘HRAP’ is designed to be a user-friendly application which can be easily configurable based on organization and or business needs. The quality of being easily adaptive, readily available, low maintenance, easily configurable and work flow driven makes ‘HRAP’ a unique platform.

HRAP Highlights:

  • Streamlines all business process involved in normal Admirative, Accounting and Payroll systems.
  • Downsizes resources, cuts cost and Web based.
  • Support all size organizations, a fit for all.
  • Easily configurable and highly Adaptive
  • Provides advance Reporting capabilities
  • Work flows driven to maintain consistency and Industry standards.
  • Provides an End to End solution.
  • Supports majority of databases and servers.

Proposed System Architecture:

iTrending Solutions has adopted a three-tier architecture after considering driving factors like complexity, build time, adaptive nature, volume, flexibility, resources, maintenance, and users geographical dispersion.

Three-tier architecture includes a presentation layer, business rules/ logic layer, and the data layer. The three-tier architecture is generally used when an effective distributed client/server design is needed to provide, Increased performance, flexibility, maintainability, reusability and scalability.

This model eliminates the complexity of distributed processing from the user. These features have made the three-tier architecture a popular choice over the two-tier architecture for Internet applications.


Agile and Waterfall methodology will be followed to support phased Implementation.

HRAP- (Release 1 – Project Plan for 2017- 2018)

Project Kickoffs – 02/03/17

Milestone: Kickoff Meetings Complete – 02/24/17

  • Sprint 0 Planning & Analysis – 02/27/17
  • Process Mapping and Capability Model – 03/27/17

Milestone: HRAP Base Model Process Complete – 07/28/17

  • To-Be Capability Models/High Level Design – 0818/17

Milestone: HRAP To Be Process/Capability Complete – 09/22/17

  • Sprint 0 – Story Mapping/MVP – 10/02/17
  • High Level Technical Design – 10/23/17
  • Platform Design Assumptions – 10/23/17
  • Draft Interface Catalog Design – 1/20/17
  • Preliminary UX Design – 12/04/17

Milestone: HRAP High Level Tech Design Complete – 12/29/17

  • Story Mapping – 01/08/18
  • Workshops and Elaboration Sessions – 01/15/18
  • High Level Elaboration Workshop – 01/22/18
  • Define Features – 02/05/18
  • Define High Level Stories – 03/16/18

Milestone: HRAP features/epics Complete – 04/09/18

  • User Story Workshops – 04/16/18
  • User Stories 1/Backlog Estimation (Story Pts) – 04/30/18
  • Feature Decomposition / User Story Creation – 05/07/18
  • Technical User Story Creation – 05/21/18
  • Reporting Feature Decomposition/User Story Creation – 05/21/18
  • User story reviews/Estimations – 06/04/18
  • Aggregate Estimates – 07/11/18

Milestone: HRAP User Stories Complete – 07/20/18

  • MVP Refinement – 07/23/18
  • Define Implementation Goals (ie…create thin end to end features) – 08/06/18
  • Map stories to implementation goals – 08/06/18
  • Define Initial MVP & Align to ROI – 08/20/18
  • Define Feature Roadmap/MVP definition – 08/20/18

Milestone: HRAP MVP Defined – 08/31/18

  • MVP Overview Workshop – 09/05/18
  • Schedule Workshop – 09/06/18


  • Review Feature Roadmap Meeting 1 – 09/10/18
  • Review Feature Roadmap Meeting 2 – 09/13/18
  • Review Feature Roadmap Meeting 3 – 09/18/18